Wheelchair Accessible Yachts, Suitable Dinghies and other Equipment of Interest to Disabled Sailing

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Report by wheelchair user Mike Wood, who has a spinal injury at C6/7, paralysed from chest down with partial use of hands, good triceps and biceps and some lats. Dinghy sailing since 1988 and yacht sailing since 1995 Mike designs, modifies and builds yachts and dinghies for disabled people and has a sailing program that provides over 2000 sailing places a year for disabled people.

Email....       mikewood@disabledsailing.org

WEBSITE - http://www.classneo495.org/

This is becoming a very popular boat in Europe with a good class association and regular regattas. I have only sailed one briefly so will wait until I can get some real experience before a full report.

My first impressions are that its sails very well and is well built with good fittings. I am not certain about the cosy side by side seating or the fixed keel for transporting, but it seems to doing a very good job offering the next step for the Hansa sailors in Europe.

Would I sail one today if offered the chance?.............. yes please, they look OK.