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I would give this boat : *****

My Country is.... CANADA

Brief Sailing Experience With This Boat (Martin 16):
I worked in the Toronto disabled sailing program for five years and continue to be involved in the program. Our fleet was and is still largely made up of Martin 16s, so I had the opportunity to see the boats in action on a daily basis and talk to our members and volunteers about their experiences in the Martin - I also did my share of sailing in them!

What I like best is....
Accessibility. In the six years I've worked with the Martin 16, I have never had to turn away any sailor with any kind of physical disability due to accessibility issues. Of all of the adapted boats I've been exposed to, the M16 is the only boat that truly levels the playing field while maintaining an exciting and challenging sailing experience.

What I think could be better is....
One idea might be to try adding more trimming options for advanced sailors

If I could give feedback to the manufacturer/provider I would say...
The main can be a little bit heavy for some sailors and or the windlass in a heavier wind. I prefer the old gunnels (they got pulled of the boat more easily, but they protected the actual hull better). The other modifications and additions that have been made recently are excellent and exciting. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

My extra comments are..........
This is a great boat for sailors at any level. It's safe but fast (given the design advantages of the M16 as an accessible boat). It's a great learning boat because it's simple and is great for advanced sailors for the same reason. Volunteers (if present) have easy access to controls in case of an emergency, and the boom gives plenty of head clearance so that one doesn't have to worry about sailors being knocked out or overboard by accidental gybes... Our sailors love the Martin 16!