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We are all in favour of our Access 3.03s. We do not remove the masts or put sail socks on them because of the dangers to them and people of their swinging around in our small spaces. We now have a something-or-other strip on our new sails to protect them from ultra-violet. This has been well done by sailmakers.

There is a problem with some of our very seriously learning disabled sailors of the close proximity of another body giving vaguely sexual messages. It's something we have to watch for but on the whole we know where the problems will arise because we, as a team, know our members well.

There is a problem with our VERY LARGE disabled members taking up all the space in the 303's and making steering difficult - all right in light airs We now have some excellent waterproof beanbags in various shapes, the most useful being wedge shaped ones, both for supporting heads and wedging bodies. Made by Almero du Pisanie at We also have Steve Wardropper from MERU designing a seat for disabled children wanting to sail (

I spoke to Geoff Holt who has immense problems with pressure sores like every quad/tetra/paraplegic. He has a seat made for him by Salisbury University (I think) and I am going to be in touch with him to find out more.

We think we might like some Access 2.3's because we can challenge our members to go it alone more. They become very choosy about who they sail with and that's mostly ppeople who don't get them to do the sailing - but some of them are desparately institutionalised and we don't know whether we can get them out of that on one visit a week. They're the ones who get brought in groups from homes and day centres.