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I've only sailed the 2.4 out of this list and am not disabled (honest). I sail the 2.4 because of a friend who is hemiplegic. ie she has cerebral palsy of her right side.The 2.4 seems to be able to offer almost equal competition between able bodied and all the way to disabled group 1, ie quadriplegics eg Allan Smtih.

The boat is technically challenging, I've found it appeals to international 14 sailors, because you have so many controls. Most of these,though, can be left alone once you've found an optimum setting. The disabled 2.4 sailors are usually determined not to sail Access dinghies, though a few do sail Challengers. One reason for this is they appreciate being able to beat able bodied sailors.

The boat is heavy so it is a bit of a pig onshore, most disabled sailors who are in a wheelchair bring a helper to events. It draws about a metre so you do need to have a slipway with at least 4 foot of water. The general guide is that if you can launch a flying fifteen you can launch a 2.4. A pontoon beside the slipway helps, otherwise you have to launch lifeboat style.